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What is the weirdest laughter you have heard recently? Send me an audio of yourself / close one / friend / colleague in their “laugh moment” and participate in this laughter project

Laughter is as much a non verbal communicator as any other. It should be fun to hear how different people enjoy humorous moments. If you are as curious as I am, and wish to contribute to the laughter database, here are a few simple steps you can follow

  1. Record the chosen person in his happy moment (let’s hope he feels good to be the “chosen one”!)
  2. The audio (only) clip can be 5-10 seconds long
  3. Email me the clips at
  4. This is a fun project, so please record someone after letting the person aware of it. We want this project to be all in good spirits
  5. Do pass on the email id of the person who is captured in the clip. He/she might be interested in knowing if they made it to the final clip.
  6. Please to pass on this message to all friends and family so we can collect the best possible laughter clips!

By the end of this month I am hoping to have compiled together some memorable laughter clips and merge them to make an audio file which can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Adding a little light hearted humour to your day is the motive behind this fun project.

Written by

Khyati Bhatt

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About the Author:

Khyati Bhatt has trained for mastery in Nonverbal Communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She founded Simply Body Talk in 2013 to help individuals and corporates fine tune their nonverbal behavior and nonverbal communication. Khyati believes in taking a scientific approach to body language. Her experience as a wealth manager, currency trader, and family entrepreneur has helped sharpen her nonverbal instincts. She is a fervent reader and has explored the work of many psychologists and anthropologists in her field of work.

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