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Confidence Hacks For Presentations

Are presentations a bit stressful for you? Do you find it difficult to connect with your audience? In our level one course on Body Language for Presentations, we unravel tips that can make a difference in how confident you look and naturally become over time. Watch Demo Video

Who is this session for: 

  • Professionals who make business presentations as part of work profile
  • Business executives gearing up for handling business presentations
  • Technical consultants who need to present in front of clients
  • Sales and pre sales teams

What will be covered: 

  • Powerful hacks for mastering first impressions as a presenter
  • How to stand and deliver your message with confidence and energy
  • Ways to ensure that your audience stays focused and give you their attention
  • Case Studies of business leaders who create an impact the minute they stand on the stage and speak

How the course will benefit:

  • Overcome fear of facing the audience by learning simple but effective body language techniques of confidence
  • Learn to impress the audience the minute you enter the room
  • Be able to overcome your stress by discovering more about yourself
  • Gain the ability to tweak your style as per your audience

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Enrolled: 260 students
Duration: 1:52 Hours
Lectures: 10
Video: 10-12 min
Level: Beginner
Confidence Hacks For Presentations
₹1,490 ₹1,190