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Mastering Business Video Conferencing

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Discover practical tips to engage better with your team members or clients in a remote working environment. Body language sights brought to you from specialists in the subject. Enrol today to connect and impact!

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As a business professional:

  • Do you understand that video conferencing is now the new normal
  • Do you need to create a good impression on clients you meet remotely
  • Do you attend and engage with team members working from home
  • Do you wish to ensure your company culture stays impact in the hybrid model

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then be sure to check out this course meant to prepare every working professional to be better equipped for the digital world where creating bonds with others can be challenging and more demanding.

Topics covered:

  • How to prepare yourself for remote communication
  • Use of effective gestures to win confidence of counterpart and increase engagement
  • Reading emotions over video calls
  • What to avoid in terms of body language
  • Read and understand the counterpart over various video calling tools – skype, zoom, microsoft teams, google meet etc.

Who is this for

  • Managers who communicate with their teams – globally and remote teams
  • Sales team, to close deals effectively with their clients over video calls
  • Professionals who wish to communicate confidently over video calls
  • People prepping up for job promotions

How this course Benefits:

  • Be a master communicator over a video call
  • Overcome the limitations of remote communication by being aware of techniques that you can use to your advantage
  • Make sense of multiple people’s emotions and thoughts at the same time
  • Bond with team members and clients even if you have never met them physically
5 out of 5
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Enrolled: 206 students
Duration: 1:30 Hours
Lectures: 10
Video: 8 mins
Level: Beginner
Mastering Business Video Conferencing
5 out of 5
1 review
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