About the Voice Coach

Dr. Arti Vadi

Voice Coach, Simply Body Talk
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Dr. Arti Vadi is an ENT surgeon with specialization in laryngology. After completing her Master of Surgery in ENT, she has trained with one of the best laryngologists in the country Dr. Jayakumar Menon. She specializes in voice disorders and voice therapy. She has been practicing exclusive laryngology since the last 4 years. Dr. Arti has worked as a consultant at Wockhardt hospital and treated various different voice problems. She has been able to achieve good voice correction through voice therapy and vocal cord surgery as required.

By collaborating with top managers from Google, Adani, Wipro, Deloitte and Panasonic, we’ve understood the pain points on their journey upwards.

About Dr. Arti Vadi


  • M.S. (ENT)
  • Fellowship in Phonosurgery

Years of Experience

As an ENT consultant
3 years
As a Laryngologist
6 years

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About Dr. Arti Vadi


Is the coach a counsellor/ therapist?

No. She is a surgeon with a special interest in voice problems and disorders and focuses on managing them with voice therapy.

What are the issues she can help with?

She can help with voice fatigue with prolonged speaking, pitch adjustments, and resonance improvement all of which can help make the voice more impactful.

What can be the expected results?

With proper practice and training, you can overcome the minor voice issues that prevent you from being heard.