Simply Body Talk

We specialize in the niche segment of nonverbal communication and over the years have created a name in the international space.

Our clients are middle and senior level managers from some of the well known international organisations. We aim to help these individuals to sharpen the edge they have in their professional lives by employing updated research in the field of nonverbal science, as suitable to their work profile.

Our solutions are thoroughly customizable and our flexibility to provide inputs unique to every organization is what has given us brand recall when it comes to nonverbal communication.

We have been in existence since 2013 having teams spread in India and Europe. Our founder has received several national and international awards for business excellence.


Coaching Services - 7 years
Consultancy Assignements - 5 years
Open Format Events - 4 years
Corporate Training Modules - 3 years
Online Courses - 2 years
Webinar Training Courses - 1 year

What makes us unique

seasoned specialists

Our team of consultants and training team has years of corporate experience and have directly worked with some of the best minds in the world. This helps us bring a lot of perspective on the table when you engage with us. In the niche field of nonverbal communication.

universal solutions

Our solutions are suitable to organizations across the globe. Which is why we have been working for years with international companies having multi cultural teams from different regions of the world.

scalable offerings

Our level of engagement is thoroughly customisable, be it through digital learning or in person workshops or coaching solutions. This makes it easy for HR managers to lay out their requirements and us to offer the best suitable solution.

multiple solutions

We can work with you in different formats. Our products are available for purchase universally, and our programs and consultancy solutions are also readily accessible. So whether you are looking for a solution for yourself or your team, we have different options for you.


When you come to us seeking a solution using nonverbal techniques, we don’t just want to offer you just another training module. It is our promise to every client that we would be understanding your core needs in great depth before arriving at which of our offerings would best suit your requirement.

Simply Body Talk is a brand that stands for quality, subject expertise, updated solutions and undivided attention to every unique client.


International Trainer / Body Language Consultant / Founder, Simply Body Talk & CueKids
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why choose us

Our team has trained with the finest experts in the field of nonverbal communication. So you can be rest assured that knowledge coming to you is from the right sources.
We are active on our own research front, with regular research publications done by our senior team. This helps us stay updated with the latest developments in our field of work.
Our training and reference material is kept updated with changing times so that only relevant learnings are shared with the participants. New courses are also introduced from time to time.
We are thorough in our approach and have several layers of assessment so that you can effectively measure difference pre and post our work delivery.
Our models to teach the subject and for consultancy assignments are all designed in-house. This gives us the flexibility to apply the right model and approach to cater to your needs.



Every team member is equally passionate about the company’s culture and specialities and work hard to maintain our brand value intact.

Open Culture

We have a very open culture and every member’s opinion is equally valued during the regular brainstorming sessions we participate in.


No matter how many deadlines we are trying to beat, every member is particular about maintaining a minimum quality in every deliverable.


Since we are honest and forthright with each other, it helps to work in tandem with one another and function well as a tightly bonded team.