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Organisations that need to train a particular category of people to be efficient at their people skills like doctors, teachers, sales force, senior leaders, army officers etc.
Companies looking to improve their overall efficiency by reducing gaps in communication like fast growing companies, multi cultural setups, organisations with remote teams etc.
Creative agencies, production houses, PR agencies that want to sharpen the impact of their media releases like advertisements, movies, press release etc.

In a global study of over 7,000 leaders from companies in 150 countries, 86% indicated that corporate culture was very important in driving operation success; however, only 28% believe they understand their culture well and only 19% believe they have the right culture.

Deloitte Human Capital Research

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We work with ad agencies and creative directors to improve the efficiency of their advertisements’ connect with the audience by sharpening the nonverbal communication of the overall ad and the body language of the models involved in the ad shoot.

Images related to communication messages need to be carefully selected. Such a selection should take into account the possibility to provide congruence between individuals’ cognitive characteristics and the experience of a communication message. As positive congruence can result in creating positive attitude towards the advertised product it can also increase the amount of money that individuals are willing to spend to buy the product.

M. Pleše, J. Dlačić: & Zbornik Veleučilišta u Rijeci

In a family, a work group, or even an entire organization, the pattern of signaling within the social network strongly influences the behavior of both the individuals and the group as a whole. Healthy signaling patterns result in good decision making while bad patterns result in disaster. The social circuitry of a work group, for instance, can insulate the group from problems like groupthink and polarization. Even for large networks of humans, such as companies or entire societies, the pattern of social circuitry influences the “intelligence” of the network.

Prof. Alex Pentland, MIT Media Lab


Right from reducing gaps in communication to working on comprehensive solutions to improve performance of client facing teams, we take up assignments to improve the overall culture and efficiency of teams using nonverbal communication.


When it comes to high stake situations like investing in the right teams, it is imperative that investors understand team dynamics and take actions according, be it for negotiations or shuffling the team responsibilities. We work hand in hand with investors to provide this solution with our team of experts.

Joep Cornelissen of Erasmus University and his team asked experienced investors to watch a video of an entrepreneur pitching a new device. He did four versions of the presentation: One used a lot of figurative language; one included frequent hand motions; one deployed both; and one used neither. People who saw the video with only the frequent gestures were on average 12% more interested in investing. The conclusion: When you pitch an idea, gestures matter more than words.

Harvard Business Review

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