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Coaching services by Simply Body Talk includes tailored leadership development for senior leaders and high potentials. We work one-on-one with you, on your goals and challenges, sharpening your strengths and helping you on areas for development. Together we create a strong and trusting partnership that will allow you to gain greater self-awareness, tap into your potential, broaden your leadership skills and scale heights that you wanted to, and beyond. Our proven track record with leaders from across the globe stand testament to our commitment to be your partner along your journey towards success. As always, at Simply Body Talk, our approach would be to tap into the science of nonverbal communication to maximise your coaching experience and takeaways.


You increase your client and team relations by being able to connect with them in real time


Improving your communication style and ability to read people better makes you promotion ready


Your command over situations improves because you understand yourself and your style better


By enhancing your people skills, you demonstrate your ability to take on more leadership responsibilities

Online & Offline | Group & Personal Coaching Options

various coaching services

Negotiations Coaching

Make the most of your negotiations by enriching the strategies you employ with the right nonverbal communication

Presentations Coaching

Sharpen your techniques during business presentations to make them impactful and long lasting

Job Promotion Coaching

Gear up for your next promotion by acing interviews using the right nonverbal techniques

Group Coaching

Learning from the shared experience of other industry managers can add value to your coaching sessions

Sales Coaching

Increase your sales conversion ratio by communicating in the right manner and building great connections with your clients

Leadership Coaching

Equip the people skills and communication techniques of your leaders and future leaders so that they lead their teams from the front.

Group Coaching also available

Learn from the shared experience of other leaders

New batches begin every week.

Offline batches in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad.

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What industry clients do you work with?

Human interactions are not limited to any specific industry, which is why we have experience of working with managers and leaders from various different verticals. Our clients include designations like partners, directors, senior vice presidents, country managers, HR leaders, CEOs, international business heads, actors, movie directors, politicians, entrepreneurs to name a few.

Do you have criteria for measuring my progress?

Of course! We have a detailed 3 step assessment for personal coaching, and a 2 step assessment for group coaching. At the beginning of the program, we will be evaluating your status quo and providing a report on the same. Over the course of the program, the coach will be helping you check progress and keep track of the same. The final session will include a wrap up of how you did, and also a path forward for you.

How do I select the topic for coaching?

It’s simple! Just book a free consult and we will help you to think through your exact requirements. To get a broad idea about topics we work upon, you can check the coaching modules listed above. However, with more than a decade of experience, we have been designing result oriented modules based on very specific requirements of our clients and can do the same for you.

Do you have online or offline option for the sessions?

We offer online mode of coaching for 1:1 and groups across the globe. For offline coaching, our regular services are available currently in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. For other cities, we organise sessions based on request.

Is there a specific duration in which I will need to complete the coaching?

For 1:1 coaching, the schedule is very flexible and you have an entire year to complete your coaching program, as per your convenience. For group coaching, we will be finalising the schedule once a batch is confirmed. We will be adjusting the timing as per the availability of all parties.

How do I know whether to go for group or personal coaching?

If you have been working for less than 7-8 years, then it is best to go for group coaching so that you can learn from other experienced professionals just like you. If you are a middle manager, you can opt for group coaching if you are looking to understand concepts and personal coaching if you wish to work upon specific areas of improvement. For senior leaders, personal coaching is the best mode since your requirements will be very specific to your role.