Negotiations Courses

Past Events
Jitender Yadav
General Manager Sales, Lodha Group

The workshop has helped me in better understanding the client’s behaviour during the times of negotiation. By understanding the body language, one can get hints of how to gauge the influencer and decision-maker during negotiations, and how to take the meeting ahead in order to increase likelihood of closing deal

Past Events
Prabhat Ranjan
Vice President NSEIT

It’s my pleasure to share that I attended the workshop on Sharpening Negotiation Skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the session conducted by Khyati & team. The workshop was well structured with touching on the nuances of Body language and interspersed with activities and role plays on Negotiation. Khyati did an excellent job of condensing so much content…

Past Events
Nikhil Sreekumar
Senior Manager – Marketing, Godrej Appliances

I found the session Sharpening Negotiation Skills very interesting and engaging (esp the role plays) . I would have liked to have attended a longer session on the subject, but considering the limited time, I felt the organization of how the various elements were covered was very effective. The examples shown through video clips were also very…

Past Events
Sunil Jain
Managing Partner Sprout Capital Advisors LLP

The nature of our business requires the team to work with CXO level people. We got Simply Body Talk to armour our team with basics of non-verbal behaviours. Khyati did an excellent session with investment banking tailored content, interactive games, contextual negotiation videos and role play activities.  We would recommend Simply Body Talk because the…

SALES Courses

Past Events
Majnoo Gawture
L&D Head, Danfoss India

“The trainer was able to tailor the training to our needs, with relevant slides, case studies and role plays. Not only was she very professional, but also friendly and created instant rapport with participants. Her expertise on Body Language was very much helpful to all the managers attending the session. This session has enhanced my…

Past Events
Dr. Vineesh Garg
Asso. VP (Mktg & Sales) Intas Pharmaceutical

Taking a session on body language through webinar platform is a challenge and I must say that you made it so wonderful for all our participants with very lively exercises and case studies. Look forward to more such sessions with you in future as well.

Past Events
Shubhanshu Tiwari
Country Manager, Vedanta Resources

Attending the workshop Sales Connect by SBT was an amazing experience. Right from the onset, the SBT team lead by Ms Khyati ensured that the entire group was thoroughly involved. The Examples were very relatable and observations were from our day-to-day life. I got to learn and understand the various nuances of body language and…

Past Events
Jaya Panchasaramm
Business Manager Maxiims Concept Chair

I attended the full day workshop Sales Connect at the office of Simply Body Talk.It was a wonderful session and I got to learn how body language plays a vital role in sales. Khyati and her team are energetic and amazing. I would definitely recommend their workshops.All the best to the team for their upcoming new launch!

Past Events
Gaurav Gupta
Sales Manager IIM JOBS

I really liked the Sales Connect workshop as it gave me a new prospective in my work. Trainer was very supportive and her depth in this subject is Phenomenal. She shared very relevant examples to support the content. The best part in the training was the role play which gives us an practical hands on this subject.

Past Events
Rajat Arora
Area Manager Hindustan Zinc

I attended “Sales Connect” to learn how I can improve upon my body language to build better rapport with my clients. Instead, I got to learn much more than that in non-verbal communication. The session was very well organized and insightful and the team was quite energetic and passionate. I thank Simply Body Talk for…

Past Events
Prabhat Ranjan
Senior Vice Precident NCDEX

Even though I’m not into sales, still attended a workshop of Sales Connect organised by Simply Body Talk on 25th Aug’18 as I was keen to understand some nuances of body language. It was a day well spent with Ms. Khyati Bhatt and her team. The program was structured well and my real take home was importance…

Past Events
Sanket Gohil
Country Manager- India Microdyn Nadir Singapore Pte Ltd

Just realised, 17 years of hardcore sales experience, and still learning! It was refreshing to learn the non-verbal aspects of a sales experience. It’s amazing how minor actions could alter one’s sales outcomes. The Sales Connect workshop by Simply Body Talk is strongly recommended.

Past Events
Shubhanshu Tiwari
Country Head Vedanta Resources

Attending the workshop Sales Connect by SBT was an amazing experience. Right from the onset, the SBT team lead by Ms Khyati ensured that the entire group was thoroughly involved. The examples were very relatable and observations were from our day-to-day life. I got to learn and understand the various nuances of Body Language and First impression.…

Presentations Courses

Past Events
Mangesh Gokhale
Regional Sales Head, Henkel Adhesives Technologies Pvt Ltd

A Big Thank you ! For helping me with this Training Module. This was a customized module to suit by needs. Pre-Coaching sessions helped me to reinforce my own understanding on the Body Language and its significance. During the Actual Sessions – the blend coaching and demonstrations was very effective. I am trying to practice…

Past Events
Hemal Shah
Director Insight Eye Care Pvt Ltd

Thank you Khyati it was great to learn nonverbal communication  from your team. The content shared on making professional presentations was very useful and relevant.

Past Events
Vishal Shah
Managing Director Dolphin Group of Companies

Thank you for the great session on “Making Impactful Presentation“. Khyati has in depth knowledge on the topic and the way she presented made it easy to understand and practical. The content and examples were very apt. Her enthusiasm was great and the team did an excellent job. Looking forward to meet again and learn…

Past Events
Sanket Gohil
Country Manager- India Microdyn Nadir Singapore Pte Ltd

A lot of things, when in right combinations, makes an Impactful Presentation. Attire to First Impressions, venue selection to right body gestures, delivery style to impactful pauses… EVERYTHING COUNTS !!! Simply Body Talk beautifully covered all the above aspects and much more in the workshop Making Impactful Presentations. Simply Impressed!

Past Events
Shrey Saxena
Assistant Manager Bank of India

The Making Impactful Presentations workshop was all about self-discovery of one’s non-verbal instincts. The Simply Body Talk team did a commendable job in guiding me through that path. Sprinkled with exciting activities, the experience of this workshop was a thorough delight. I recommend this session to everyone who wants to become a presenter of substance.

Women Leadership Courses

Past Events
Madhura Tikekar
Manager CGBS -GIT

After attending the workshop Shaping Women Leaders, I am more aware of my nonverbal communication – learnt right from body language to sound powerful assertive as per situations. This will help me influence, negotiate or convince as per situation which as team leads we very much do.

Past Events
Ridhima Bharara
Founder and President Lean In Punjab circle

The ‘Shaping Women Leaders‘ workshop was informative, interactive and interesting. This four hour workshop enhanced non verbal communication skills of all the women. It brought us to notice things and use for better connection with other people. Khyati’s delivery and impact of the workshop can be vouched for.

Past Events
Shuchi Rakheja
Manager TCS

Gone are days when raising voice would make your team do things. In today’s time it is important to arm oneself with tools that could manifest ideas and thoughts assertively. Shaping Women Leaders made me familiar with non verbal gestures like movements during presentations, body postures , style of sitting, dressing style that would make the presence felt without making noise. It…

Workplace Communication Courses

Past Events
Dr. Shardul Kaneria
Owner, Kiddie Academy of Herriman

We worked with Simply Body Talk with an intention for our early childhood educators and our leadership team to learn about the nuances of body language and non-verbal communication when working with our children, our parents and each other. We got more out of the session than we had hoped for. The knowledge, the skills…

Past Events
Sohel J.
Business Development Manager, Simplicity Creations Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Khyati and team conducted a wonderful workshop Body Language for professionals to help us analyze and improve our body language in our day to day life. We were trained in a very interactive way with lots of fun activities, games and interactive sessions which helped us to understand human behavior in a lot more detail by observing…

Past Events
Bhavesh Gohil
Manager SBI Life Insurance Company Limited

I attended Body Language at workplace at Mumbai. Content and presentation by the trainers was of consistently high quality and engaging. They shared lots of really useful tips to put into practice.

Past Events
Dr.Bisma Kazi
Content Manager Zypher

I attended Body Language in the Workplace conducted by Simply Body Talk in Bengaluru. All the activities were fun and informative. I absolutely loved the use of videos and images to help us analyze body language. Our workshop instructor was very effective in communicating with us.

Effective Networking Courses

Past Events
Parth J Dave
COO, Maxiims Concept Chairs

The Snap Networking Workshop was the second workshop of Simply Body Talk which I attended. It was fantastic and got lots of value in terms of how the smallest of non verbal’s can mean so much. the takeaways are going to be immensely useful in connecting better with people.

Past Events
Deepak Wagh
CEO, Lights Deco

I was always fond of reading people’s body language but couldn’t find the right and trusted place to learn the skill. Snap Networking Workshop conducted by Simply Body Talk, was the first such workshop I attended, and was happy to know a lot of new thigs. I wish to learn in greater details. Thanks to…

Past Events
Nirav Faldu
Team Lead, Ubisoft

The Networking webinar by Simply Body Talk team was great! I liked how it was so interactive, making me think on my feet for the entire one hour duration. The case studies made it easy to understand how to read people’s body language during networking events.

Past Events
Parashar Kacha
Business Head, Delta Hydrocarbon

Being a naturally good conversationalist, I was curious to know how body language could add a new aspect to my networking skills. The webinar arranged by Simply Body Talk on this topic was time worth investing! Great tips, shared interactive activities and case studies. I look forward to attending more webinars.

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