What is your Leadership Style - Take our Short Quiz

Take our short assessment leadership style quiz and find out how good you are at understanding emotions through body language.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Take our short assessment emotional intelligence quiz and find out how good you are at understanding emotions through body language!! FREE ANALYSIS will be sent to you.

Conflict Management

Take our short assessment quiz on Conflict Management, and find out your style of handling conflicts. We will be giving you a FREE CONSULTATION on your style!! Conflict

Post-Lockdown Body Language Quiz

Post-Lockdown Body Language Post lockdown, we are getting used to the new normal – communicating with people behind masks. Take your short quiz to see how ready you are

Trump visit to India - Modi & Trump two eminent personalities

The pictures above are from the recent visit of US President Donal Trump to India on 24th and 25th Feb ’20. Both the leaders claimed to have genuine respect for each other and have taken

Free Body Language Game App

The pandemic has caused all of us to be within our homes enjoy the Free Body Language Game. Why not make the best of it? Here is simple fun to play the game


Announcing the launch of our newly published playing card deck with body language tips!! We had recently put out an online challenge to our supporters on how accurately you observe body language of people. Below is the quiz

Stock-Photo-Game Quiz

Let’s play a game! Suppose you are an ad director, and you are finalizing the concept and other details for your next ad for a financial advisory firm.

Social-Smile-Challenge game, family game

Did you know that humans have one real enjoyment smile, one false smile, and seventeen odd shades of “social smiles”? Social smiles are a part of our need to be part of a society of harmony and peaceful existence.

Couples Game quiz

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, we need to test how well we observed couples last weekend and over this week. Look at the pictures above and try to arrive at an ascending order