We just made learning more fun!!

Do you wish to take your communication to the next level by maximising your nonverbal communication? Do you wish to be an influencer, be it within your social circle, work place, or when with your clients? All this, when you don’t have time to take learning sessions but can do with one small tip on the go?

We have just the solution for you!! Purchase our body language tip cards which come in a small easy to carry size so that you can carry then where you go. Refer to one tip a day and see how you transform your style and learn to read others’ body language better. And what is more? We have transformed them into playing cards so you can have a greater learning experience with friends and family.

This card pack can be a unique gift for your corporate clients. Customisation possible on bulk deals!

Body Language Tip cards

Details of the cards

The Cue Connect playing cards is basically a deck of premium playing cards which can be used for playing all card games but they are not just any ordinary playing cards! Each card has one easy to follow tip on how you can use nonverbal science and body language to make your communication powerful. Learn to make the most of your interactions, be it for presentations, sales, interviews, or even parenting! And play while you learn.


  • 1. Color: Peacock blue

  • 2. Box dimensions: 9.2cm x 6.2cm x 2.2cm

  • 3. Card dimensions: 8.6cm x 5.7cm

  • 4. Each card has been laminated with gloss finish for longevity of the cards.

Purchase details:

We can also help you with your company branding if you are looking to buy from us in bulk. It’s an ideal gift for your corporate clients!! If you need further details, you can get in touch with us on +91 (22) 67208017 / +91 9930892534 or ping us over the chat window.

You can also buy the cards on Flipkart

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