Body Language Free Course


  • How to improve business success using the right nonverbal communication
  • Simple tweaks that can make you improve your body language
  • Simple and specific tips you can use right away
  • Ways to indicate to your counterparts that you are with them
  • Understanding your team members and clients better
  • Case Study to demonstrate how to read people in real time
  • Busting common myths of body language
  • Universally accepted tips
Body Language Free Course
Body Language Free Course


  • Eight video resources
  • One cheatsheet for quick reference
  • Opportunity to engage with community of like minded individuals


How can I avail this course

Videos and reference material for this course in in the form of an online course available on our eclass portal. Simply click here to sign up for free and start learning right away!

What qualification do I need to start?

All content covered in the course is easy to understand and implement, no matter what be your background. So enrol without hesitation!

Does your content depend on the culture

No. Our material includes content that is universally accepted. So no matter what part of the world you are from, you can implement our tips right away.

Will I need any assistance to follow the material?

This is a self guided course. However, should you require any assistance, feel free to reach us on

Need any assistance? Feel free to reach us on +91 (22) 49696178


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