Body Language based Research

Some specifics of research objectives

Already got a set of profile pictures that you would like to get evaluated for the right body language? Submit upto 30 pictures of yourself and get feedback on them from our team.

What customers are seeking but unable to locate

Customers seeking direct assistance versus subtle help by your team

Identification of intent to buy versus actual purchase

Improve customer experience and increase sales for the brand / particular franchise

Taking up negative feedback from surveys and find cause

Experience with one sales person influencing other purchase decision

Analyzing scenarios like buying, returning, complaining

Where we fit in

Simply Body Talk specializes in nonverbal communication especially body language – specific to Indian culture as well as universal

Team of qualified specialists from field of nonverbal communication and psychology

Years of experience in the field both observing and teaching the subject

In house designed model to understand human behavior using body language

Worked with some of the best international corporates for different type of assignments

Why use nonverbal communication

Reveals thoughts, intentions, feelings
More than 50% of any communication is nonverbal in nature
We instinctively communicate using nonverbal signals
When words and nonverbals contradict, the latter is honest

Objectives of body language focused research

Improve customer experience

Approach nonverbal factors that can be tweaked to improve touch points

Generate more sales

By understanding intent of customers, enable your teams to close more sales

Examine weak links

Why is a particular outlet not performing like other outlets of the same brand

Standardize customer experience

Incorporate nonverbal guidelines in SOPs for tackling difficult situations

Last point

Like airports, hotels, banking etc.

Specific Campaigns

Examine the effectiveness of a physical marketing drive or offline event

Examples of body language analysis undertaken

Increase TRP of TV Reality Show
Improve sales of high end sales of jewelry brand
Find weak link in startup teams for investors
Corporate film focusing on body language specifics
Threat assessment for special forces of military
Chemistry of political leaders during major events