Consultancy for Corporates


We work with corporates to reduce gaps in communication and improve the efficiency of workplace co ordination using nonverbal science. Our team can provide solutions to different teams within your organisation. Employees can reach out to us for queries on how to become better in their roles. Whether their roles require team management, facing clients, settling high end deals and so on.

answer to queries on ongoing basis

preparing teams for difficult situations that are anticipated

active suggestions to improve work efficiency


Our consultancy offering for corporates is not merely to suggest any training workshops or a group coaching solution. We believe different teams within any organisation have different needs and the suggestions that can be provided to them need to be tailored according to their needs. Our consultancy solutions are generally year long retainer packages signed with corporate wherein any employee can reach us over the period for advice and we would be able to help them out as required.

We also conduct audits for the entire organisation and provide inputs on how nonverbal factors can be tweaked to make the physical and psychological working environment better. The end result would be good workplace relations, great company culture, and cultivating employees as brand ambassadors. If you are intrigued enough to explore more, set up a call with our team today.

Specialised team

Our team has been working in this specific domain of nonverbal communication since 2013 and has vast experience of various nature of assignments

Customised Solutions

Individuals are different, their needs and personalities are unique. We understand that and offer solutions that are completely curated according to this.

In House Research

We borrow from latest developments from experts in this domain, and also have an in house team conducting active research to ensure relevance with changing times

Nature of Inputs

For consultancy assignments, we would be providing specific call to action, not generic way forward. And these suggestions would be minor tweaks that can vastly improve your productivity.

What we can offer

Email Support

Employees can send us their queries over email, we will send them solutions they can use based on their profile and personality.

Workplace Improvements

Our team will be analysing, and suggesting where required, minor changes in workplace seating, arrangement of meeting room setup etc that can greatly improve productivity.

Open Webinars

We would be arranging putting out a calendar of open webinars specially for your organisation with our team of specialists on pre decided topics that your employees can join in from anywhere in the world

Location Consistency

Employees and clients should get similar experience about the organisation's culture no matter what the location. We work on this aspect as well.

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