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Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce

The session assisted us in learning the importance of the first impressions like keep an open body language, how carrying a smile may help in establishing a rapport in working environment and also make you approachable

Content Quality Testimonials
Mrs. Suma Das
Principal, Pawar Public School Bhandup

“We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your detailed presentation on ‘Positive Body Language’ for our staff members. The workshop was very insightful and informative and was well received by all the staff members. We look forward to many more positive interactions with you in the future.”

Content Quality Testimonials
Majnoo Gawture
L&D Head, Danfoss India

“The trainer was able to tailor the training to our needs, with relevant slides, case studies and role plays. Not only was she very professional, but also friendly and created instant rapport with participants. Her expertise on Body Language was very much helpful to all the managers attending the session. This session has enhanced my…

Content Quality Testimonials
Sumedha Awasthy
Program Associate, India Program CLASP

Thank you for such an excellent training session. I never thought it would be this impactful. The discussion was filled with so much knowledge and we all learned many new things about non-verbal communication. Looking forward to more such collaborations between Simply Body Talk and Clasp.

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Dr. Hiren Kothari
President, Indian Medical Association, Rajkot

Thank you Khyati for your session “Beyond Medicine”. The inputs will be extremely helpful in medical practice and family life as many a times our gestures are purely unintentional or due to lack of awareness of its implications or sometimes out of force of habit. Your talk will help us to positively convey what we…

Content Quality Testimonials
Trupti Puranik
CEO and Head Interior Designer, Studio Elements

Thank you Simply Body Talk, for the wonderful sessions on nonverbal communication. I had a great time learning, observing and listening to the lecture and audio visual slides. They were so informative because of your inputs. I can now understand and observe myself as well as other’s state of mind, intentions and gestures. it’s helping…

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Srimoyee Dasgupta
Asso. Research Manager, The Third Eye Integrated Services

Thanks a lot for your analysis (of the television show). It was very insightful and help us craft a direction for the show.

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Nikhil Sreekumar
Senior Manager - Marketing. Godrej Appliances.

I found the session very interesting and engaging (esp the role plays). I would have liked to have attend a longer session on the subject, but considering the limited time. I felt the organization of how the various elements were covered was very effective. the examples shown through video clips were also very effective to…

Content Quality Testimonials
Dr. Chintan Vadi
Arthroscopist Orthoplus Hospital

I find the weekly tips useful. I am a doctor by profession and certain minor observations helps me judge the thoughts of the patient. Also makes a difference to the way I project myself to them. Keep up the good work Simply Body Talk team!

Content Quality Testimonials
Sachin Mahajan
Business Coach Dr Biz Ventures LLP

Hi Khyati downloaded (the free Ebook) and read all the tips at once. One of the few free ebooks I have downloaded and read fully. Lots of Value. Thanks.  

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