This module helps doctors to communicate with more empathy towards their patients and also balance their work life with emotional intelligence.


Research proves that the satisfaction that patients derive out of their relation with physicians depends not only on the therapy offered or medicine prescribed. Patients want to be heard out during their conversations, and feel that the doctor understands and empathises with their situation. It can also effect whether a lawsuit is filed against an unfortunate diagnosis or mishandling of case or not.

Physicians who learn to emote this type of communication style can improve their chances of building a good brand for themselves.

difficulty level



Eight hours


In Person


  • Independent Physicians
  • Hospital doctors working in teams

content covered

  • The relevance of nonverbal communication for doctors

  • Understanding real patient issues through body signals

  • Concept of emotional intelligence

  • Work life balance

  • Building rapport with patients

  • Impact of placebo and its relevance

  • Discussion of applicable case studies

  • Busting common body language myths


  • Highly engaging in nature, encouraging every attendee to participate
  • As always, we will use relevant video clips for discussion of the subject.
  • Tips shared are universal; gender and culture agnostic
  • We will be using elaborate role plays during the day to see how nonverbal communication plays out in actual scenarios.
  • Each participant will be given a chance to participate during the activities and role plays. Feedback will be sent to them on the spot.

workshop giveaways

Certificate of participation will be given to all attendees
Feedback will be provided during role plays on individual's body language
We will be giving a kit for continuous learning to all participants

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