Movie quote 1:

“Tum dekh to rahe ho, lekin kya tumhe dikhai de raha hai? 

Your mind holds the key to every lock. 

Tumhe ek hi nazar mein bareekiyon to dekhne hi aadat daalni padegi.”

The thrill of being a great observer is that one starts seeing, reading and deciphering things beyond what is most evidently visible. 

 Movie quote 2:

“Don’t shrug, imbecile, I’m blind. Save your body language for the bimbi.”

 Movie quote 3:

“Aye Kaancha

Saala bandook bhi dikhata hai…

Aur peeche bhi hatata hai?”

The beauty of body language is that it cannot let you hide how one is truly feeling, no matter how much one tries to hide or compensate with other actions..