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Trupti Puranik
CEO and Head Interior Designer, Studio Elements

Thank you Simply Body Talk, for the wonderful sessions on nonverbal communication. I had a great time learning, observing and listening to the lecture and audio visual slides. They were so informative because of your inputs. I can now understand and observe myself as well as other’s state of mind, intentions and gestures. it’s helping…

Products Testimonials
Mohammed Sayerwala
Software developer California department of Justice

I thoroughly enjoyed the online course. As an individual who has just entered the professional environment this course is a gem. Great content.Looking forward for more such great courses in future.

Sterling Hospital
Dr Bhavin H Bhatt
Consultant Microbiologist & Head infection control, Sterling Hospital

I have undergone a online course for body language by Simply Body Talk. The style of teaching was very good with appropriate amount of time given to each topic. Every fact was explained with relevant examples and scientific information. The topic is itself very unique and effectively useful for any person professionally and socially. I…

Body Language Tip Cards

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Arun Kr. Gupta

Excellent these little tips on subject.

Products Testimonials
Amit Khanzode
Cofounder Armaan Business Avenues

Cue Connect is set of 52 Cards on Non- Verbal science. It’s a great example of how entire learning process of Body Language/ Non Verbal science can be gamified to make it more easier to understand and enjoy. I congratulate the entire “Simply Body Talk” team for innovation in this field.  I strongly recommend everyone to…

Products Testimonials
Jitu Dhabaria
Personal Wealth Manager Balaji WealthCare

I had ordered a pack of Cue Connect cards, and after going through the easy to use, short and sweet tips, I believed they would be a value addition for my clients and thus I reordered. The tips are really easy to follow and can be used in day to communication with clients, as well as…

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