Profile Shoots


Profile shoots for CEOs, senior managers, PR personnel and established business owners for the perfect body language in your media portfolio. Use our services to

Highlight your Personality

Improve your visibility

Perfect your PR communication

Why Profile Shoots with Us

Simply Body Talk is a company set up in 2013 with a focus on nonverbal communication. Besides offering personalised coaching services for CEOs and senior leaders for improving body language, and corporate workshops to transform the impact of communication using nonverbal science, we also undertake assignments to improve the nonverbal appeal of individuals. The profile shoot offering is one of such off shoots.


A powerful profile shot goes a long way in depicting the personality of an individual. Especially helpful for PR communication by corporates when you want to perfect the message you are giving out with your body language. Or when you want to improve your visibility to potential job seekers on a professional platform since a lot of hiring decisions are based by scanning your digital footprint, and your profile picture is the top on that list.


We specialise in body language

Full Solution

We can provide the entire shoot end to end


A range of photographers with different expertise to choose from


Offering is available with different options


Photographer's Portfolios

We will share the Photographer's Portfolios with you, along with the budgets for the full day shoot


Select Profile Shoots according to the person you are, and how we an best Maximize your Nonverbals

Body Language consultant

Body Language consultant will be present during the shoot to guide on the correct postures =, ensuring your true persona is depicted with the right nonverbals, both your body signals and your surroundings


Our team will edit the Pictures


We will be getting to know your Personality

Location for Shoot

The photographer will execute the profile shoot for you either at your location or at a Rented Studio, depending on your budget.


4-5 changes of clothes required for the shoot from your end.

Final Scanning

The Body Language consultant will scan and choose the final 10-15 shots for your corporate communication

Already have your Profile Photos?

Get them evaluated for body language

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