If you are a startup founder then we have something special for you! A half-day workshop to teach you how to perfect your pitch using the right body language techniques which will make you ready to lead your team and company throughout your journey of becoming big.


Our experience of having worked directly with investors over the years reveals that when they are listening to an idea or an entrepreneur, what gives them conviction of investing money into the company, or even believing in the product has more to do with the passion and confidence of the entrepreneur, rather than numbers and business plan alone. The questions then are,
  • Does the entrepreneur know how to project the right amount of confidence while presenting?
  • Does he know what whether he is getting through to the investor/client?
  • Has he attempted to understand how he behaves under stress?

difficulty level



Eight hours


In Person


  • Startup entrepreneurs who have started working on their idea and are gearing up to face investors
  • Startup teams which are setting up meetings almost every other day, be it with clients, or vendors
  • Students who have an business plan which they intend to market to hunt down co-founders
  • Scaling entrepreneurs who want to learn to market their idea in front of an audience

content covered

  • Why body language matters

  • Networking within seconds

  • Hacks for a smooth pitch

  • Rehearsal of individual pitch

  • Understanding your client/investor signals

  • Handling effective negotiations

  • A cheatsheet to first impressions

  • Presenting with passion

  • Discussion of real life elevator pitches

  • All about meetings

  • Nonverbal strategies for sales


  • Highly engaging in nature, encouraging every attendee to participate
  • As always, we will use relevant video clips for discussion of the subject.
  • Tips shared are universal; gender and culture agnostic
  • We will be using elaborate role plays during the day to see how nonverbal communication plays out in actual negotiation scenarios.
  • Each participant will be given a chance to present a short pitch which will be recorded. Feedback will be sent to them post the workshop

workshop giveaways

Certificate of participation will be given to all attendees
Feedback will be provided during role plays on individual's body language
We will be giving a kit for continuous learning to all participants

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