Coaching services by Simply Body Talk includes tailored leadership development for senior executives, other leaders and high potentials. The leader works one-on-one with a coach from our team, on their goals and challenges, their particular strengths and any areas for development. Together they create a strong and trusting partnership that allows the leader to gain greater self-awareness, tap into their potential, broaden their leadership skills and change behaviours. As always, at Simply Body Talk, our approach would be to tap into the science of nonverbal communication to maximise your coaching experience and takeaways.


You increase your client and team relations by being able to connect with them in real time


Improving your communication style and ability to read people better makes you promotion ready


Your command over situations improves because you understand yourself and your style better


By enhancing your people skills, you demonstrate your ability to take on more leadership responsibilities

stages of coaching

Knowing You

We would study your profile, and after evaluation on our internal parameters, together we will set a clear plan forward

Relationship Building

After knowing you from yourself and interviewing key personnels around you after which goal wise schedule would be finalised

Discussion Sessions

Sessions will be conducted to discuss strategies along with relevant Case Studies. Short assignments would help revise concepts


Introspective activities, discussion of recordings and sharing experience of the changes being implemented is main objective


Final evaluation on our parameters will help us deliver checklist of progress achieved with the reporting manager and plan way forward

How coaching can help

For the leader or senior executive

  • Fast-track career progression
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Greater agility and adaptability
  • Balanced decision-making
  • Ability to inspire and motivate teams, including across geographically dispersed locations
  • More effective communication
  • Improved working relationships
  • Increased presence and confidence

For the organization

  • Improved management and leadership
  • More empowerment and ownership unleashed in the business
  • Reducing gaps in communication across hierarchies
  • Increased motivation and commitment from recipients of the coaching
  • Higher retention of key people who feel valued

Group Coaching also available

On the below mentioned topics
  • Presentations Coaching
  • Coaching for Sales Teams
  • Negotiations Coaching


  • In person
  • Online


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