As a senior leader, do you want to

  • Fast-track your career progression
  • Enhance and upgrade your leadership skills like team management, client relationships, advanced negotiations, board room presentations etc
  • Be able to quickly adapt to different situations and personalities as you interact with seniors, juniors, and colleagues
  • Exercise balanced decision-making be it during everyday situations or in difficult times
  • Inspire and motivate your teams, including across geographically dispersed locations
  • Reduce gaps in communication, hence increasing efficiency in work output
  • Improve your working relationships with key decision makers in the organisation
  • Make your presence felt, no matter what room you walk into
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Leadership Coaching by Simply Body Talk



  • Executive Presence
  • Team Management
  • Tackling Difficult Situations
  • Job Appraisals
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Media Appearance
  • High stake Negotiations
  • Client Relationships
  • Reading people in real time
  • Power Audit
  • Coaching your Team
  • Conflict Management
  • Hiring Right
  • Growth Mindset
  • Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reading People

How leadership coaching works

Our coaching services are meant to provide you with personal attention from our experienced coaches. We will be designing a specific program for you after a detailed and thorough assessment of your style and personality. We will understand your goals and challenges, your particular strengths, and any areas for development. As always, at Simply Body Talk, our approach would be to tap into the science of nonverbal communication and body language to maximise your coaching experience and takeaways. The activities, case studies and assignments will be designed so that we can together upgrade your leadership skills. Through the strong and trusting partnership that we aim to establish, you will gain greater self-awareness, tap into your potential, broaden your leadership skills and change behaviours if required.


You increase your client and team relations by being able to connect with them in real time


Improving your communication style and ability to read people better makes you promotion ready


Your command over situations improves because you understand yourself and your style better


By enhancing your people skills, you demonstrate your ability to take on more leadership responsibilities

stages of coaching

Knowing You

We would study your profile, and after evaluation on our internal parameters, together we will set a clear plan forward

Relationship Building

After knowing you from yourself and interviewing key personnels around you after which goal wise schedule would be finalised

Discussion Sessions

Sessions will be conducted to discuss strategies along with relevant Case Studies. Short assignments would help revise concepts


Introspective activities, discussion of recordings and sharing experience of the changes being implemented is main objective


Final evaluation on our parameters will help us deliver checklist of progress achieved with the reporting manager and plan way forward

What our Clients Say

Designations We have worked with

  • CEO
  • Marketing Head
  • Country Manager
  • Senior VP
  • Head HR
  • Sales Director
  • Operations Head
  • And many more..
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Simply Body Talk has built a name for itself internationally in the niche segment of nonverbal communication. Our objective is to enable leaders to carve out an edge for themselves in their organisations by using the power of body language. Over the years, since 2013, we have worked with middle and senior level managers from corporates like Deloitte, Capgemini, Adani, Essar, Cipla, SBI Life Insurance to name a few, as also with government bodies like the Indian army, GST department etc. Since our programs and modules are thoroughly customisable, we are able to offer curated learning to our personal and corporate clients.

Specific to coaching, we have worked with clients of designations like CEO, Marketing Head, Country Head, Senior VP, Head HR, from corporates like Discovery, Google, Capgemini, Essar etc. Our coaching modules are highly customised and will be designed specifically for you, once we understand your personality and style of communication.

About Coach

Khyati Bhatt

Khyati Bhatt is the senior coach and CEO of Simply Body Talk. She has mastered in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro who initiated and headed the Investigative Behavioural Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the USA. She is also expert level certified in reading micro expressions by the Paul Ekman group. Khyati’s thoughts on body language are frequently quoted in media like The Economic Times, Times of India, The Deccan Herald, Dainik Jagran etc. Khyati has prior corporate experience as a business analyst, currency trader, portfolio manager and family entrepreneur.

Leadership Coaching by Simply Body Talk
Leadership Coaching by Simply Body Talk


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What if I want specific topics not mentioned above?

We will be happy to take up any specific topic you might want us to cover, be it specific to presentation or public speaking techniques or body language. With years of experience in coaching and designing our own content, customisation is what we excel at.

What type of results can I expect?

Our client see a remarkable improvement in their ability to be more creative, think on the spot, be confident right from walking on the stage to handling the Q&A, engaging the audience with grace, and a lot more. You will be able to witness the same in your style as well.

How many sessions will I need to take up to see improvements?

Our coaching modules are usually 10-12 sessions long. However, if there is any specific requirement to complete in a certain duration or sessions, we will customise as best as is possible to meet your needs.

Do you provide offline coaching?

Our offline coaching is available pan India. Don’t forget to inquire with us about how we arrange the same for you. Consultation is available absolutely free of cost.

How much do you charge for your coaching?

As the fees are dependent on your exact requirements, it is best to get in touch with us and understand how our pricing works. We have a lot of options for learning, including group coaching and online courses in case personal coaching is not suitable for you.