This module helps doctors to communicate with more empathy towards their patients and also balance their work life with emotional intelligence.

Research proves that the satisfaction that patients derive out of their relation with physicians depends not only on the therapy offered or medicine prescribed. Patients want to be heard out during their conversations, and feel that the doctor understands and empathises with their situation. It can also effect whether a lawsuit is filed against an unfortunate diagnosis or mishandling of case or not.

Physicians who learn to emote this type of communication style can improve their chances of building a good brand for themselves.



  • To enable new managers communicate effectively within teams and with seniors
  • To impart ways of adapting to organizational culture by employing nonverbal methods
  • To face difficult situations in the workplace by understanding human behaviour

We will be using a lot of case studies, on the spot practice exercises, role plays, to impart the secrets of becoming a fine communicator. Each participant will be given a chance to participate during the activities and role plays. Feedback will be sent to them on the spot. Certificate of participation will be given to all who attend. 

Who This Is For

  • New joinees in managerial roles
  • Ideal during induction program

Topics Covered

    • Nonverbal communication in the workplace
    • Breaking down First Impressions
    • How body language fits in
    • Presenting with impact
    • Being great team players
    • Reporting effectively to managers
    • Introspection into work stress
    • Dealing with difficult situations
    • Tweaking nonverbals as required
    • Settling into the organizational culture
    • Ingraining cultural intelligence for life