Online Course – Body Language for Beginners

Introducing a comprehensive online course with lifetime access to master the nonverbal science of communication and the art of understanding others better. Titled “Body Language for Beginners” available on our Eclass Website.

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Why take this course

Have you wondered how to leave lasting impressions on people be your clients, at your workplace, at school or within your social circles? It’s possible to do this if you can understand the know-how of nonverbal communication, a science which is much more powerful than the words that we use to communicate.

Have you also wondered how you can get to know the mind of your client, your child, your friend or your work colleague so that you can reach out to them faster and more effectively? You can do this by learning to read their body signals in real time.

And you don’t need to be a master at any technical skill in order to learn the power of body language course. Join me as I unravel the most ancient of human behaviour sciences with easy to follow examples, our in-house devised model, and practice exercises using real life scenarios.

Basra’s unique approach to helping individuals transform has been applied in corporate training sessions by him. We now bring you the teacher in a personal session to unleash the best potential within you by helping you balance your body with your mind. Basra works with you to bring out your energies and movements by tapping into your various emotions. This two hour power packed session has no time to rest, but once you are through, you will witness breaking from the routine way of thinking, and take a fresh approach to leadership.

Course Topics

  • 1. Pre-session read

  • 2. Why nonverbal communication

  • 3. First Impressions

  • 4. What is body language

  • 5. Why is body language so important

  • 1. Our response system

  • 2. Hands

  • 3. Facial expressions

  • 4. What is body language

  • 4. Other body parts

  • 1. Cue Connect Model – I

  • 2. Cue Connect Model – II

  • 3. Baseline behavior

  • 4. What is body language

  • 4. Why details matter

  • 1. Being confident

  • 2. Presenting with impact

  • 3. Listening actively

  • 4. What is body language

  • 1. About emotions

  • 2. Socializing smartly

  • 3. Family and relations

  • 4. Managing work culture

  • 1. Bit about lie detection

  • 2. Shattering the myths of body language

  • 3. Exercises to become better at BL

  • 4. Bringing about change

Course Highlights

  • 1. Lifetime access to the course

  • 2. Shortcut to body language explained using our in-house devised CUE CONNECT model, unavailable anywhere else in the world

  • 3. Assignments and additional reading material provided in the course

  • 4. Quizzes to check understanding of the students

Where is this course available?

You can avail of this course on our Eclass Website, by clicking the link here.