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Profile shoots for CEOs, senior managers, PR personnel and established business owners for the perfect body language in your media portfolio. Use our services to

  • 1. Highlight your personality

  • 2. Impact with nonverbals

  • 3. Perfect your PR communication

Why Us

Simply Body Talk is a company set up in 2013 with a focus on nonverbal communication. Besides offering personalised coaching services for CEOs and senior leaders for improving body language, and corporate workshops to transform the impact of communication using nonverbal science, the company also undertakes assignments to improve the nonverbal appeal of individuals. The profile shoot offering is one of such off shoots. A powerful profile shot goes a long way in depicting the personality of an individual. Especially helpful for PR communication by corporates when you want to perfect the message you are giving out with your body language.

Not sure how we can add value? Body language and the right type of postures plays a huge role in the overall communication you project to the viewer of a picture.

The Rationale

Our analysis of a wide number of well known photographers and established magazines shows that the photos, even when technically superior, if have minor slips in body language depiction, can give out entirely different perception of the person being clicked. We aim to perfect your corporate communication, by being with you every step of the way while your PR portfolio gets built.

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Profile Shoots

What will the profile shoot be like

  • 1. We will share the photographers’ portfolios with you, along with the budgets for the full day shoot

  • 2. We will be getting to know your personality

  • 3. Select profile shots according to the person you are, and how we can best maximize your nonverbals

  • 4. The photographer will execute the profile shoot for you either at your location or at a rented studio, depending on your budget

  • 5. Body language consultant will be present during the shoot to guide on the correct postures, ensuring your true persona is depicted with the right nonverbals, both your body signals and your surroundings

  • 5. 4-5 change of clothes required for the shoot from your end

  • 5. Our team will edit the pictures

  • 5. The body language consultant will scan and choose the final 10-15 shots for your corporate communication

Our Photographers

We have different photographers onboard who will be working with the body language expert to give you the best experience of profile shots. Here is a brief about them:

Photographer One: is a well established professional photographer since 2011. For profile shoots, he has worked with magazines like Man’s World, Harper’s Bazaar, Femina and clicked personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Vidya Balan, Jonty Rhodes, William Dalrymple etc. He also works for ad assignments with O&M, Rediffusion Y&R etc. Currently this photographer has also started his own venture into production and worked with brands like Hyundai, Cadbury’s, etc.

Photographer Two: has a background in Visual arts and Communication besides photography.  He has worked with agencies like Emormous, O&M, Salt and WYP and brands like Mahindra rise, Make love not scars, Bridelan, Swapna Mehta and Aurus Jewels etc. This photographer has also worked on a dedicated 6 month long project with a journalist friend specifically for portrait pictures.  His first ever documentary film as a cinematographer has been nominated for Riyad Wadiya award for upcoming Indian filmmakers.

Photographer Three: is a part of the core team at Simply Body Talk. She has a background in mass media, and experience in branding and videography. Having worked as a model and an actor previously, she has a good grip over nuances of body language required on the camera.

Should you be interested in getting further details of how this works out, and the pricing and portfolio of each of these photographers, write to us on or call us on 022 67208017.

Profile Shoots