This crisp learning module helps teams to become more effective in the workplace by learning how to use the basics of nonverbal communication in order to communicate more effectively with one another.


Managing people can be challenging! Do you face situations where communicating something can get difficult at times and you are left wondering how to do it in just the right manner? It could be asking for a job promotion, or getting a team member to complete his task on time, getting the best out of a negotiation or breaking bad news to a client.

During such times, how you deliver the news plays a far greater role than what you say. The objective of this workshop is going to be to discuss how you can use the right body language to sail through different type of difficult situations.

difficulty level



Eight hours


In Person


  • HR Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Working professionals looking to get promoted
  • Entrepreneurs leading teams

content covered

  • Role of body language in interactions

  • Understanding Barriers to Conversations

  • Keys to delivering bad news

  • Dealing with confrontations

  • Addressing common myths of body language

  • Being open to difficult conversations

  • Tackling emotionally sensitive work colleagues

  • Reopening a discussion gone bad

  • Expressing strong feelings


  • Highly engaging in nature, encouraging every attendee to participate
  • As always, we will use relevant video clips for discussion of the subject.
  • Tips shared are universal; gender and culture agnostic
  • We will be using elaborate role plays during the day to see how nonverbal communication plays out in actual Difficult scenarios.
  • Personal feedback will be given during the activities

workshop giveaways

Certificate of participation will be given to all attendees
Feedback will be provided during role plays on individual's body language
We will be giving a kit for continuous learning to all participants

Let's start the conversation!!

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