I thoroughly enjoyed the online course. As an individual who has just entered the professional environment this course is a gem. Great content.Looking forward for more such great courses in future.

Mohammed SayerwalaSoftware developer California department of Justice

I find the weekly tips useful. I am a doctor by profession and certain minor observations helps me judge the thoughts of the patient. Also makes a difference to the way I project myself to them. Keep up the good work Simply Body Talk team!

Dr. Chintan VadiArthroscopist Orthoplus Hospital

Hi Khyati downloaded (the free Ebook) and read all the tips at once. One of the few free ebooks I have downloaded and read fully. Lots of Value. Thanks.


Sachin MahajanBusiness Coach Dr Biz Ventures LLP

It was my pleasure to be associated with Simply Body Talk as co-facilitator for a workshop on Nonverbal Communication. I found Khyati, the founder of Simply Body Talk, highly professional. She carries years of experience and has an in depth knowledge of her subject. She is keen observer of body language which she beautifully unfolds and shares the mastery of visual communication. I wish Simply Body Talk all the best and look forward to more opportunities for working together.

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Seema LahiriCmaark Consultancy

It was my first experience facing the camera. I myself being a professional photographer, I know how difficult it is to pose in front the camera. But Nafisa made it really easy for me by creating a comfort zone. She corrected me while posing and I am very happy with the output. Looking forward to shoot again with her soon!

Himanshu ShettyPhotographer Himanshu Shetty Photography

I recently did a profile picture shoot with Simply Body Talk, and I am very happy with the final results. The team was very thorough in their research of how the pictures should look like with respect to my personality and profession. The photos were taken with a lot of care and purpose. From determining each shot to final editing, a lot of thought was put to make sure that pictures looked professional yet natural. I would definitely recommend Profile Shoots by Simply Body talk.

Kshipra BhardwajInterior Designer, Own- by Design

I have undergone a online course for body language by Simply Body Talk. The style of teaching was very good with appropriate amount of time given to each topic. Every fact was explained with relevant examples and scientific information. The topic is itself very unique and effectively useful for any person professionally and socially. I am a doctor by profession and understanding body language of my patients and their relatives helps me very much in my routine practice. All videos were very well shot with proper aesthetics. Video quality was really admirable for online course. As she was talking about Body Language and Non Verbal communication , Khyati’s gestures and expression while teaching were always spot on. She was fluent with her language and well aware of the entire content. Wishing all the best to Khyati and entire team of Simply Body Talk.

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Dr Bhavin H BhattConsultant Microbiologist & Head infection control, Sterling Hospital

Cue Connect is set of 52 Cards on Non- Verbal science. It’s a great example of how entire learning process of Body Language/ Non Verbal science can be gamified to make it more easier to understand and enjoy. I congratulate the entire “Simply Body Talk” team for innovation in this field.  I strongly recommend everyone to possess atleast one set of these cards. Corporates can  look at these cards as part of their corporate gifting programs.

Amit KhanzodeCofounder Armaan Business Avenues

I had ordered a pack of Cue Connect cards, and after going through the easy to use, short and sweet tips, I believed they would be a value addition for my clients and thus I reordered. The tips are really easy to follow and can be used in day to communication with clients, as well as friends and relatives.

Jitu DhabariaPersonal Wealth Manager Balaji WealthCare

Thank you Khyati it was great to learn nonverbal communication  from your team. The content shared on making professional presentations was very useful and relevant.

Hemal ShahDirector Insight Eye Care Pvt Ltd