Coaching Testimonials
Mangesh Gokhale
Regional Sales Head, Henkel Adhesives Technologies Pvt Ltd

A Big Thank you ! For helping me with this Training Module. This was a customized module to suit by needs. Pre-Coaching sessions helped me to reinforce my own understanding on the Body Language and its significance. During the Actual Sessions – the blend coaching and demonstrations was very effective. I am trying to practice…

Coaching Testimonials
Vaishnavi Golam

Honestly, I had a great experience opening up with the trainer. I had practice sessions with her which helped me in real scenarios. I got to know where to work on. There had been a visible difference in my confidence during that period however there is still a great scope to work on from my…

Coaching Testimonials
Dev Bandhu
Owner in the hospitality industry

The trainer was able to tailor the training to our needs, with relevant slides, case studies and role plays. Not only was she very professional, but also friendly and created instant rapport with participants. Her expertise on Body Language was very much helpful to all the managers attending the session. This session has enhanced my…

Coaching Testimonials
Sr. Vice President, Google India

Khyati is an exceptional coach and an expert in Non verbal communication. Her coaching helped me to approach body language very differently and positively impacted me personally and professionally in using effective techniques to win an argument, engaging the audience, getting a better outcome from a politically charged meeting. Khyati is very proactive and extremely…

Coaching Testimonials
International Business Head

Khyati excels in body language reading. In this field, she is the closest I’ve seen to CIA operatives in Hollywood movies. Her attention to details and training to modify your responses based on what the opposite person is “actually saying” (not in words) is tremendous value addition for all professionals in daily lives. I highly…

Coaching Testimonials
Mr. Jagtej Singh

I would like to express my appreciation of the efforts put in by the whole team of Simply Body Talk in helping me make tremendous improvements in my Body Language. I would like to also commend on the individuals approach taken and time invested by team to understand my requirements. Would definitely recommend the course…

Coaching Testimonials
Shaun Nanjappa Chendira
Senior Director, Discovery Communications

The engagement was constructive, there were a lot of aspects that Khyati helped me through that I have started implementing. The roleplays and analysis sessions have helped me to become a lot more conscious about my actions. There are times where I have been very very clearly able to figure out that the conversation that…

Coaching Testimonials
Sachin Talathi
Director, Infiniti Building Products Pvt. Ltd

It was really a pleasure to learn about nonverbal communication from Khyati. It is not an easy task to point out and change someone’s body language as it may, in the process, hurt one’s ego. Khyati handles this aspect skillfully. Today the change in me is well appreciated by others. As a result, my success…

Coaching Testimonials
Trupti Puranik
CEO and Head Interior Designer Studio Elements

Thank You Khyati , for the wonderful sessions on nonverbal communication. I had a great time learning, observing and listening to the lecture and audio visual slides. They were so informative because of your inputs. I can now understand and observe myself as well as other’s state of mind, intentions and gestures. It’s helping me…

Coaching Testimonials
Shraddha Poladia Vikam
Financial Planner Aatarah

When I joined my family in taking personal sessions for nonverbal communication, I was not very sure how it would help me in my business interactions. Each session, however, helped me gain further interest in the topic. I now realize how much this subject is aiding me, not just professionally but also personally. I have…

Coaching Testimonials
Nirav Faldu
Technical Manager Ubisoft Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

My changing role in my organization over the years has demanded that I not only be a technical expert in my field but also learn to handle my team well. Khyati is not only a good friend and mentor on how I should evolve my team better, she has also helped me shape my communication…

Coaching Testimonials
Parashar Kacha
Business Head Dura Color

Khyati’s passion on the subject is remarkable and so is her drive to work with individuals till one gets the fundamentals right. It has been a pleasure taking inputs from her on nonverbal strategies to use during business meetings and negotiations. My work requires of me to constantly travel across the globe. I have been…

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