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Have you faced situations where you felt that people around you were using power techniques to get their work done? Were you curious to be able to pinpoint exactly how they managed to do this, and whether it always requires you to look dominant and aggressive? Well, we have broken down some of the techniques that people use to project their power using body language techniques. Which ones work and which ones don’t? Read through our book to know more.

Are you a Sacred Games fan? So are we! Apart from the fast paced action and the excellent characterisation, there was something else which caught our attention. Something which made us sit down and analyse each episode frame by frame; the subtle power plays which have been so well depicted in the series by the use of sleek nonverbal strategies. Here is our analysis, specially curated for you, out of the original Indian Netflix series Sacred Games. The ones we have selected are those which, surprisingly, are as relevant in the workplace as they are for the underworld. Which ones did you notice?



Why This E Book

Good directors bring out the best in every actor on the screen! Our content team is always appreciative of content that makes excellent use of nonverbal communication. This book is our tribute to the makers of Sacred Games. Where we break down how different characters in the OTT series have projected that they are powerful using body language. Even if you have not watched this series, or don’t remember the details even if you did watch, don’t worry. All the strategies that we share in this ebook are explanatory, and we use ample pictures to reference what we mean.

This book is not text heavy. You will find lots of picture examples explaining the concepts we wish you to see and understand. So enjoy this as a weekend reading, if you don’t have time during your busy weekday schedule.

What you will learn

You will learn simple tips that can help you to tweak your personality as required in the workplace. When you are on the stage, you need to project the right confidence. When you are dealing with a distressed employee, you need to show empathy. When you need to connect with your team members so that they take an unpopular decision in the right spirit, you need to signal that you are on their side. In all these situations and more, the way you display your body language matters a lot. What better way to learn these tricks than by looking up pictures from your favourite webseries!

How do I claim this Ebook

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About the Author

This ebook is a joint effort by the domain expert team at Simply Body Talk that is working consistently to deliver quality reads, even for all our free content. The authors have a decent relevant industry experience in workplace communication, mastery in nonverbal communication and educational background in psychology. To know more about our team, do visit our About Team  page.

How can I learn more about body language

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