Presenting to connect and influence

Coaching to add more finesse and impact to your delivery style
Award-Winning Presentations Coaching Program

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What we will help you achieve


We will discuss effective body language techniques to ensure that you create a powerful impact the next time you present


With different strategies we will together work on your style of presenting so that you can build a genuine connect with any audience


By gaining an understanding of the audience’s reactions from their nonverbal cues, you will be able to respond and build trust

Topics Covered

  • Be in command of the first impression you want to project

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

  • Become more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when you present

  • Deliver your message with the right type of confidence

  • Know exact body language tweaks to use for giving a specific message

  • Master style of delivery based on type of audience

  • Gauging audience interest based on cues

  • Highlight those instances of your speech that you want the audience to remember

What our clients say



Relevant case studies analysed as assignment and discussion for longer retention


Detailed analysis of your style provided with reference pictures and ways to tweak style


Step by step discussion of what body language strategies to be implemented and why


Three step pre assessment to understand your personality and style of presentation


Learning Toolkit provided to participants so that retention of concepts is beyond the engagement

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What if I want specific topics not mentioned above?

We will be happy to take up any specific topic you might want us to cover, be it specific to presentation or public speaking techniques or body language. With years of experience in coaching and designing our own content, customisation is what we excel at.

What type of results can I expect?

Our client see a remarkable improvement in their ability to be more creative, think on the spot, be confident right from walking on the stage to handling the Q&A, engaging the audience with grace, and a lot more. You will be able to witness the same in your style as well.

How many sessions will I need to take up to see improvements?

Our coaching modules are usually 10-12 sessions long. However, if there is any specific requirement to complete in a certain duration or sessions, we will customise as best as is possible to meet your needs.

Do you provide offline coaching?

Our offline coaching is available pan India. Don’t forget to inquire with us about how we arrange the same for you. Consultation is available absolutely free of cost.

How much do you charge for your coaching?

As the fees are dependent on your exact requirements, it is best to get in touch with us and understand how our pricing works. We have a lot of options for learning, including group coaching and online courses in case personal coaching is not suitable for you.