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Surendar Singh

Discomfort Coach, Simply Body Talk
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Having been a Diploma in Computer Engineering, he shifted tracks and moved onto becoming a MA in History. And this was while he was a full time advertising writer for over three years. He continued his run in communication by varying his skills and helping clients advertising agencies like JWT and Lowe Lintas, event companies like Percept, AMP, DDB Mudra Group and clients like Fabtech International, PharmaState Academy, Hubtown Group and a host of others.

He has been providing communication consultancy, writing and creative supervision services to clients under his company, ‘The Blue God’. He also ran a film production house for a couple of years. Social service, single parenting and seeking to know himself keep him occupied when he is not being a podcaster for his social initiative on his youtube channel called ‘The Values Workshop’.

About Surendar Singh


  • Diploma in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University
  • Master in Arts from Mumbai University in History
  • Public Speaking Course from Nazareth Public Speaking
  • Interned with Noorul Islam, one of the foremost advertising trainers in Advertising, Marketing and Communication

Years of Experience

Copywriting across Indian and multinational advertising agencies
20 years
Communications Consultant
5 years
Creative Training
3 years

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About Surendar Singh


Is the coach a counsellor?

No he is not. He does not have any education or formal training in psychiatric or psychological education or sciences.

Does he help people with anxiety and depression?

Surendar does not help people with clinical symptoms or those diagnosed medically with any kind of disorders, imbalances or known psychological or psychiatric problems. This includes those with severe anxiety and depression (even if not formally diagnosed).

What are the issues he can help with?

Surendar helps those facing problems regarding business, management, confidence, confusion, other issues managing problems in the work and personal space which give a feeling of being stuck, inability to resolve or being in a loop individually, or within a team or group or with other people you interact with, on a daily basis. This is applicable to both professional and personal problems.

Why are you calling him a Discomfort Coach?

Surendar’s methods are self-learned, and have been helpful to many friends, acquaintances, and strangers over the years, where he employ customised ways of helping you, aiding you, guiding you, pointing towards probable solutions which require full commitment and responsibility from you in the attempt.
He will help you to depend on yourself and come out of the limitations your set patterns may be causing. While there are no guarantees, breakthroughs have been commonly experienced in many who have engaged with him. The journey however can be temporarily uncomfortable and challenging, since it involves self-effort in the exercises which you are to engage in, between the sessions, hence ‘discomfort’ will be emphasized.

What can be the expected results?

People have often found insights into their own selves not only in the sessions but also after, due to the shift in perspective. One has a sense of being lighter and the approach is one of enthusiasm and happiness comparatively, besides adding significantly to self-love, self-belief and confidence. The problem defined before the sessions also helps in arriving at one or more solutions.