To guide photographers and editors to perfect the message being communicated through the commercial advertisements by focusing on body language during all stages of the ad execution


Why not learn a subject not often taught in India, straight from the body language consultant?

We have been observing human behaviour for more than a decade now, having professionally guided seniors in the corporate world on correct body language postures for creating an impact. We know the difference between a good pose and a bad one, having analysed ads and media shoots of various different ad agencies. You can check out our analyses from the posts on this website, also listed at the end of this page.

difficulty level



Eight hours


In Person


  • Brand Managers
  • Creative directors
  • Editors
  • Commercial photographers
  • New comers

content covered

  • Nonverbal communication during story boarding

  • Model selection guidelines based on body signals

  • Territory and touch in creating moods

  • Understanding personality of your profile shoot client

  • Case studies of clicks gone wrong and why

  • Group Discussion of pictures clicked by individuals

  • Practice session

  • Importance of body language in pictures

  • How emotions work

  • Varying poses according to the model

  • Exercise to build rapport with model

  • Capturing teams and groups

  • Thumb rules for post production


  • Highly engaging in nature, encouraging every attendee to participate
  • As always, we will use relevant video clips for discussion of the subject.
  • Tips shared are universal; gender and culture agnostic
  • We will be using elaborate role plays during the day to see how nonverbal communication plays out in actual scenarios.
  • Each participant will be given a chance to present a short pitch which will be recorded. Feedback will be sent to them post the workshop

workshop giveaways

Certificate of participation will be given to all attendees
Feedback will be provided during role plays on individual's body language
We will be giving a kit for continuous learning to all participants

Let's start the conversation!!

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