Calling all practicing and budding psychologists!!!

We are sure you know just how important nonverbal communication is when it comes to connecting better and understanding your stakeholders – be it clients, patients, employees, senior leaders, or children.
  • But do you know how to read body language in real-time?
  • Do you know how to make sense of different people you interact with, especially when they are very different in nature, in their style of expressing themselves, in how they communicate with you?
  • Can you make out how to understand when in a conversation it is the right time to speak with them and when to let them speak?
  • When are they saying I don’t want to discuss but their body language is really telling you that they feel comfortable around you and wish you could get them to open up more?

Body language is very very important for most psychologists, no matter what specialization you pursue.

Join us in this one hour Webinar as we discuss how to read your stakeholders in real time build good rapport with them and be able to execute your role more effectively.




  • Breaking common body language myths
  • Tips to read body language of stakeholders through different video case studies
  • Fun quizzes to test your knowledge

Brought to you by a team of body language specialists working in the area of nonverbal communication since 2013.


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Enhance Your Therapeutic Impact: Body Language for Psychologists Webinar



Khyati is the CEO, chief coach and senior trainer at Simply Body Talk. She has worked with clients of designations like CEO, Country Manager, HR head etc. from corporates like Google, Deloitte, Adani, Capgemini, Wipro, Panasonic, as also commandos from Indian army etc. She has received various national and international awards for business excellence. She is frequently quoted in leading media like Times of India, Economic Times, Dainik Jagran, Deccan Chronicle etc.

Professionally Khyati has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. She has worked as a family entrepreneur, currency trader and business analyst before starting Simply Body Talk