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Appearing for a job interview or preparing for your next job promotion? While you may have worked on your answers, how you present yourself, and your answers is going to matter just as much during your interview. So are you prepared on that front as well?

If not, we have you covered! Read our short tips to create a greater impact in your career progression by applying these quick to understand tips during your next job interview. These tips are relevant no matter what be your culture or country. So what are you waiting for? Download our ebook by filling the form on this page. All the best with your next interview!


Why This E Book

When we work with managers who are preparing for job shifts, or sometimes internal promotions, we realise that these super qualified individuals are so busy with their work that they forget that during interviews every small detail matters. So while you focus on your answers and work experience to share with the interviewer, don’t forget that the interviewer might not know you personally. So it is up to you to make a good connection with them. Using good first impressions, and more importantly, good body language. So why take a chance? Simply go through our tips and ensure that you make that right connection with your interviewer in the next interview!

This book is not text heavy. You will find lots of picture examples explaining the concepts we wish you to see and understand. So enjoy this as a weekend reading, if you don’t have time during your busy weekday schedule.

What you will learn

You will learn simple tips that can help you to tweak your personality as required in the workplace. When you are on the stage, you need to project the right confidence. When you are dealing with a distressed employee, you need to show empathy. When you need to connect with your team members so that they take an unpopular decision in the right spirit, you need to signal that you are on their side. In all these situations and more, the way you display your body language matters a lot. What better way to learn these tricks than by looking up pictures from your favourite webseries!

How do I claim this Ebook

All you have to do is fill up the form on this page and the ebook will reach your email account right away! You will need to download the ebook to view it, since it would be in a pdf format. All the best with your reading!

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About the Author

This ebook is a joint effort by the domain expert team at Simply Body Talk that is working consistently to deliver quality reads, even for all our free content. The authors have a decent relevant industry experience in workplace communication, mastery in nonverbal communication and educational background in psychology. To know more about our team, do visit our About Team  page.

How can I learn more about body language

Simply Body Talk provides lots of offerings to enhance your communication style using nonverbal communication, and to understand people you speak to – your clients, board members, team colleagues and so on. You can go for our on demand webinars, attend our upcoming events, book a slot on our group coaching courses or sign up for a personal coaching module. Simply fill the form to book your free consultation to know which of the services are best suited for you.


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