Power Plays during Negotiations

one hour webinar to project the right body language during Negotiations


Are you a seasoned negotiator who uses different strategies to negotiate deals on behalf of your organization? Can you read your counterpart and understand what they are thinking or looking for?  Is keeping a poker face the right way to get the best deal? Join us for an advanced level session as we discuss this and much more through a highly stimulating and interactive webinar. 

Difficulty Level: Three

Early bird discount available till 10th July 20


Online- Webinar

Date and Time

25th July ’20
6 pm to 7 pm IST

Who this is for

Team managers who handle internal and external negotiations
Seasoned negotiators in sales teams
Negotiators in political parties


699/- inclusive of taxes
15% off for corporate deals!
10% off on 2 or more bookings.


  • Power tactics using all forms of nonverbal communication
  • Discussion of which tactics work and why
  • Implementing body language strategies in complex negotiation techniques
  • Reading counterpart in real time


  • Each participant will be given the chance to think for himself, and hence learn along the way! Our webinar does not promote attendees to just sit and listen.
  • Lots of pictures, quizzes and case studies will be used for practical discussion of the topic

Please note:

  • We will be sharing notes post the session and soft copy of certificate of participation.
  • Sharing the recording of the webinar will not be possible.
  • The webinar will be universal displays.The tips that will be shared in the webinar are universal so anyone and everyone can participate
  • If you are a trainer we have special programs and deals for you. Request you to check with us before booking your ticket.
Webinar- Power Plays during Negotiations


Taking a session on body language through webinar platform is a challenge and I must say that you made it so wonderful for all our participants with very lively exercises and case studies. Look forward to more such sessions with you in future as well .

Webinar- Power Plays during Negotiations

Nikhil Sreekumar Senior Manager – Marketing, Godrej Appliances

I found the session Sharpening Negotiation Skills very interesting and engaging (esp the role plays) . I would have liked to have attended a longer session on the subject, but considering the limited time, I felt the organization of how the various elements were covered was very effective. The examples shown through video clips were also very…

Webinar- Power Plays during Negotiations

Rahul Hingmire Vice President, BNI Super Achievers

The webinar done by Simply Body Talk was very informative in nature in terms of key elements of body language, which mostly go unnoticed by me.The manner of explanation and use of photographs as case studies, made it very easy for my understanding. I look forward to attend more a detailed course with the Simply Body Talk team on similar topics.