Work Culture Testimonials
Komal Dadhe
Public Relations Executive

Working at Simply Body Talk, the amount of growth and development that has happened in me is humongous. I am grateful for the opportunities I have gotten in terms of interacting with industry leaders and to lead successful projects. The CEO and the team has been rock-solid support throughout. Wishing the best for the organisation always!

Work Culture Testimonials
Shaili Palrecha
Guest Post Intern

Having come to the end of my internship with Simply Body Talk, I’d like to thank Khyati Ma’am and the whole team for this wonderful opportunity. It was my first interaction with the corporate world, and everyone was incredibly welcoming and understanding. Also, Khyati Ma’am’s patience and guidance have helped me grow professionally and pushed…

Work Culture Testimonials
Reshma Ramaraj
Career Counselor

My experience working with SBT was incredible. The team bonding was exceptional, and it created a wonderful work environment. I was able to work on a wide range of tasks that helped me develop professionally and personally. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and the skills I gained, and I’ll always look back on my…

Work Culture Testimonials
Saksham Tiwari
Content Writing Intern

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work as a content writer for Simply Body Talk. The team’s professionalism, support, and dedication have made this experience truly remarkable. Their deep understanding of nonverbal communication, passion for empowering individuals, and commitment to providing valuable content have challenged and inspired me. The flexibility, trust, and promptness…

Work Culture Testimonials
Avani Kane
Intern, Simply Body Talk

Working as a content writer with Simply Body Talk was an enriching experience for me in terms of what it taught me about how blog articles should be articulated and formatted to best suit the needs of the readers. The topics of the articles themselves provided me with an exciting opportunity to review research in…

Work Culture Testimonials
Param Dudani
Video Editor

“I loved the work environment and the team is always read to help you succeed. Khyati Ma’am is an amazing mentor!”

Work Culture Testimonials
Nafisa Kathanawala
Sr. Marketing Manager

“Our first organization and first leader determines our growth in the future. Thank you Simply Body Talk and Khyati Bhatt for this journey, for moulding me, for all the encouragement and the opportunities. I will always cherish this journey, not only did I strengthen my skills in my own field but also had the opportunity…

Work Culture Testimonials
Megha Prasad
Ex. Intern Simply Body Talk

I worked as an intern at Simply Body Talk and as a fresher I didn’t have any experience but when I started working here I got a lot of support from my seniors They taught me a lot and guided me well. And yes, it was great to work here. Very friendly and loving nature…

Work Culture Testimonials
Shubham Katangle
Intern, Simply Body Talk

It was really a very nice experience working with the Simply Body Talk Team, got to learn many new things also the team environment is really nice. Thank you!!It was really a very nice experience working with the Simply Body Talk Team, got to learn many new things also the team environment is really nice.…

Work Culture Testimonials
Jidnyasa Jadhav
Ex. PR Executive Simply Body Talk

 “I worked as a PR Executive in Simply Body Talk, and my entire experience with SBT was filled with knowledge, learning new skills and experiencing new challenges every day. I am extremely thankful to Ms.Khyati Bhatt for guiding me throughout my time there. What I learned with SBT has stayed with till date. It still…

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Seema Lahiri
Cmaark Consultancy

It was my pleasure to be associated with Simply Body Talk as co-facilitator for a workshop on Nonverbal Communication. I found Khyati, the founder of Simply Body Talk, highly professional. She carries years of experience and has an in depth knowledge of her subject. She is keen observer of body language which she beautifully unfolds…

Work Culture Testimonials
Sahil Bagwe
Intern, Simply Body Talk

Simply Body Talk is a one-of-a-kind firm which realises the importance of non-verbal communication; something which plays an important role in our lives but is ignored so easily. It has a collaborative work environment where a casual conversation over lunch can give you a lot of useful insights which you see everyday but don’t really…

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