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Explore the subject of body language with us through our open format events, corporate workshops or one on one sessions. Read more here. Maximise the impact of your communication style by harnessing the power of nonverbal strategies by engaging in personalised services to cater to your individual needs. Read more here. Reduce gaps in your organisation, get an assessment of your team’s synergies, understand the company you want to invest in. We consult individuals as well as companies on various aspects of nonverbal communication. Read more here.


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I have attended two workshops with Khyati at SimplyBodyTalk. The sessions were very hands on and practical, nicely collated. There has been a lot of research and detailing gone into composing these sessions. The use of video case studies made it easier for us to understand the nuances of body language.

Ridhesh Sejpal
Film Maker
GoodFellas Studio

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