Assignment Case Studiesincrease the TRP of a reality TV show
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The client was a Quantitative Research Company. Providing their services for the last 26 years, they specialize in consumer behavior and analysis which includes meeting people from all walks of life to understand their opinion, lifestyle and choices. They aim to bring a multidisciplinary approach to consumer market research.


People’s perception of others depends a lot on how they understand the body language and non-verbal. Similarly, these signals can alter how audience perceives a television show. The client decided to reach us to seek our services as an expert in the domain of body language and non-verbal cues for a reality TV show in India and the perception of the audience regarding the show. The television show where this reality show was being broadcast was the end client of the market research company.


Popularity of a reality TV show is affected by a lot of different non-verbal variables. The client wanted to understand why the show was not doing very well. After discussion, we zeroed down on the following analysis for them:

  • Interplay of the judges,
  • interaction between the contestant and judge,
  • how the host mediates the show
  • Interaction of the host with the judges and contestants.

Over and above this, specific inputs were required to arrive at how to make the audience feel more emotionally involved in the show using specific nonverbal signals or strategies.


The domain experts team at Simply Body Talk conducted clip by clip analysis of the reality show and their competitors, and arrived at an 80 plus page report of what was working great, what could be improved, takeaways from competitors that could be imbibed etc. The inputs provided were with specific references from the show or from other similar setups so that the client could pass the inputs directly to the television channel.

Key elements also included ideas on asking not just the subjects on the show to make changes but those which could be done to the setting, videography tricks etc but would ultimately be responsible in the nonverbal behaviour of the subjects on the screen.

These specific key approaches helped define the project’s success.

  • Giving not generic tips but very specific ideas which would be doable by the television channel and could be understood by our client as well
  • Approaching the problem of the channel from all possible avenues so that corrections could be made multi-fold, reducing cost for the research and also increasing revenue for the channel

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